Solar Electrical Energy from the Moon

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For over 33 years I have proposed the following "free lunch" solution to "movers and shakers" in the US and internationally, without obtaining any cogent replies or rebuttals.

The only remaining well paying jobs left in our slow recovery are in the Defense Establishment, which are presently used for "make work" jobs on weapon systems unsuitable to the War on Terror. A more suitable use for the Defense sequestration, which will be fully paid for, and will ultimately reduce deficits and pay off the National Debt is presented following:

In order to recover from our present malaise, we need a huge infusion of government funds similar to those of World War II, which brought us out of the Great Depression. Eliminating another World War, we can use the Saudi Arabian Model, where its citizens and workers are subsidized generously by the profitable energy receipts of the Saudi government.

The US can achieve this model without increasing taxes or increasing the National Debt, by implementing a proposal I have made to US Movers and Shakers and the Media for over 33 years and specifically to Newt Gingrich on February 25, 1995, without receiving any cogent response or rebuttal, except for Speaker Gingrich who proposed a “pie in the sky” idea for a lunar colony, as a waypoint for a trillion dollar, manned trip to Mars.

My proposal, defined in detail in a 37 slide Power Point presentation, which is available on request, would build a solar power station on the moon in ten years in which concentrated solar thermal energy obtained from parabolic concentrators fabricated from lunar materials is converted to electricity by Stirling Cycle generators invented and developed in the 19th century and operating in current solar systems in California. This project would be paid for by diverting a portion of the funds from the bloated, already-funded, US Defense Procurement Budget to the same companies and workers receiving them now. As calculated in the Power Point presentation, this power station would beam 21 trillion kilowatt hours/year of totally clean electric energy to the earth 24/7, using the proven technology of microwave power beaming, which passes through cloud cover. This energy would represent only 10% of the yearly world energy use in 2020. At the current average electricity rate of 12 cents per kilowatt-hour, the US Treasury would receive $2.5 trillion per year forever. These funds would eliminate budget deficits, ultimately retire the National Debt, and fund an infrastructure improvement incentive program on steroids, turning the US into a "shining country on a hill", as well as reducing and ultimately reversing global warming, thus saving $trillions more.


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