Water is Our Energy

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Electricity generated in our waters and electric vehicles are the only way to American recovery. Energy  independence and economic growth while keeping the air and water clean and global warming at a minimum.

Water is the most abundant resource on our planet. The ocean’s energy is mainly caused by gravitation between sun, earth and moon, and solar heat. Rivers flow by gravity from mountains to the sea. A tiny fraction of the water’s usable power is sufficient to supply all mankind with electricity.

Hydroelectric power is superior and lasts forever.

Tidal currents can be used both ways. Ocean, streams and rivers can be used without dams. Modern technology suggests modular submerged Hydroelectric Power Plants (HPP’s) anchored on the ocean floor or in the riverbed. They do not exist to the eye, are barely audible over the natural noise of the water, and do not occupy precious land. Pump storage plants supply peak power. Marine biologists and environmentalists must be consulted early to ensure minimum
impact on the ecology.

No fuel is the best fuel.


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    Researching ways to use cleaner fuel and water energy.
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    No fuel is the best fuel- I would like to see this become a widespread reality.
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