Convert Existing AC Grid in DC Grid

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Better side of the transmission of electricity through the HV DC are already proven! Application of DC / DC converters on the existing power grid, enabling translation T & D AC grid - into DC High Voltage Transmision & Distribution grid.

Application of DC / DC converters - transformers, at existing wired installations in the transmission and distribution system, we transform AC to DC network!

DC/DC step-up transformer, WITHOUT INDUCTIVE PARTS, shown on the link;


DC/DC step-down transformer, WITHOUT INDUCTIVE PARTS,shown on the link;

are essential elements of future DC T&D network-grid !

It is only small, home-made devices, which prove new way for TRANSFORM DC/DC Voltage and Currents WITHOUT INDUCTIVE PARTS (coil, choke, transformers)! All of devices not require big space !

On the FIG.1. is shown AC T&D system which is in use !
On the FIG.2. is shown same system-but converted into a DC/DC transmission and distribution, with inverter which provide sine wave Voltage (50 or 60 Hz AC)!
On the FIG.3. is shown apply of DC/DC transformers WITHOUT INDUCTIVE PARTS, on the field of renewable energy source !

Grid of future is DC grid! With low price is possible convert current AC grid into DC grid with apply of DC/DC transformers without inductive parts. That means - remove AC transformers with windings, core and oil coolers, and put ultra efficient DC/DC transformers without windings, core and oil coolers ! It is eco friendly ! Also, it is many times cheaper !!


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