Solar PHCN Hybrid Generator

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This generator uses solar and/or electricity supply from power holding company of Nigeria (PHCN) to charge battery which is connected to the inverter for alternating current output. the generator does not use Diesel oil, petrol or any other hydrocarbon fuel as it does not as well, use an internal or external combustion engines.It is a stationary, silent, clean and sustainable source of electricity production. The machine can however, be used as stabilizer during low voltage supply from the PHCN. The generator comprises of seven major sub-systems. They are the solar module, the PHCN supply, the charge controller, the battery, the inverter, system architect and the control panel.

The generator is initiated by a solar and/or PHCN charge to the battery which then operates the inverter to produce alternating current electricity.This will reduce over dependence on PHCN and petroleum fuels extend electricity utilization period and also help create and sustain green environment. It is important to note that, the generator must not be used to to charge itself.

We need to moreover, consider that, the generator will have lucrative markets in Nigeria and other African countries as there are many villages which are not connected to their country's national grids and indeed the world over as there are urgent and necessary needs to cut green house gases (GHG)emissions. Hence, the generator have all the advantages of solar systems and lower cost of which can be afforded by an average African or any other person on earth.


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    Uba Sani Kibiya
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