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Water seems like it’s all around us, right? But the truth is, it’s not available everywhere. Water is the one essential of every community and every single life depends on it. That’s why when typical well pumps cannot perform, The Well Dr. succeeds. Using a proprietary algorithm developed by Luke Miller, The FPGA Expert, water can be pumped from any water source into a storage tank automatically. That means no more losing pump prime or hand pumping. Even if the water source only has a tenth of gallon recovery rate, that translates into 144 gallons of precious water a day. The Well Doctor will get that water for you.

Traditional well pumps just pull/push water based on water pressure. This does not work for very low flow wells, which is typical for the World. Well Doctor uses data from a flow sensor which uses an adaptive algorithm within a CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic Device) to determine how long to wait for the well to recover before turning back on to pull more water. When air pockets are detected in the flow, the well will stop to pump and then wait until the pre-calculated time to pump again. Simply turn on the Well Doctor and you’re ready; it automatically determines the correct rate every time. So when it rains or the water table changes due to droughts, the well doctor is on top of the situation.

The Well Doctor is composed of a flow sensor that feeds the CPLD flow data and simply integrates into a well system. The CPLD is where the adaptive well recovery rate is calculated. There is nothing to program for the end user, no well rates, pump sizes, well depth etc… It is all automated. The total system can be run off of solar and the Global impacts of bringing water to all regions of the world are Priceless. The total system cost is well under $600 and uses off the shelf components and can be easily moved and replaced when end of life is reached. The costs of CPLDs are under $5. The device works so ‘well’, that you could dig a hole and if it gets water in it, you can set up the well doctor and walk away and have water for the next day. That puts you ahead an entire day on water! The time saved for people whose lives are dominated by the time it takes to find and haul water can be utilized for other productive tasks and lead to a better quality of life.



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