Hybrid Solar Collector for Households

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This hybrid solar collector is intended for household use where it's hard to utilize all generated energy if it comes in single form, be it heat or electricity. And where the size of equipment is important. This design combines solar heat collector with photovoltaic cells and provide possibility to regulate proportion in which each energy form is generated. This combination allows to reduce additional waste when household's one accumulation system is fully charged, by switching to other energy form.

System is composed from multiple units with tilt and pan mechanisms to track the sun and maximize system's efficiency. Each single unit is composed from parabolic mirror (5), heat concentration rod (4) encapsulated by vacuum isolated double layered glass tube (2) which is situated in mirror's focal point. Positioned round glass tube is arched photovoltaic cells with 180 degree opening (1). These cells can be rotated around the tube to change proportions of output energy type.

Intended operation:
1) System starts with photovoltaic arched cells (PV-AC) positioned above heater tube. In this position PV-AC produce electricity mostly by direct sunlight and all reflected light is used for heating purposes. (Max heat - min electricity)
2) When heating accumulation tank has reached its set temperature and no more heat is needed PV-AC are rotated and positioned below heater tube. This way heat is now generated by direct sunlight and electricity by reflected light. (Min heat - max electricity)
3) It is possible to program PV-AC to be rotated to any position making gradual transition between heat and electricity output.

Because the system is intended to be composed from several units, it’s possible to regulate all units so that household heating system is kept at maximum temperature without overheating it and wasting available solar energy. By putting some or all units in electricity generation mode when heating is no more needed systems overall efficiency is much improved.

Because these units are very similar to existing solar collectors and additional parts are few, it will be quite easy to make them and won’t build up the cost much as well. It’s even possible to make conversion kits for already existing solar collectors to convert them into this hybrid system.


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