Underneath Lead Acid Battery Contacts

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My invention is a typical lead acid battery with contacts located underneath. What this allows is ease of connecting such batteries within all sorts of vehicles. Simply drop it in and contact is made. No more pigtails to contend with that are difficult to clean, remove and install. This feature also allows for better contact since the downward pressure is constant. For farm equipment or boating, simply drop the battery in and when you're ready to leave simply lift it out. There are no wrenches to contend with. The weight is sufficient to make good contact even without having to secure the battery into position. The different size slots guarantees proper pole connections. For parallel connections using multiple 12-volt batteries, simply extend the cable contact pads. Sliding the batteries on the contact rods helps to self-clean the connections each time. For series, add alternating insulators. No fluid leakage is possible since the battery connection is molded exiting from the top and extending down the side and underneath.

To reduce inventory since many vehicles presently use such batteries with top connecting post, the batteries can still be manufactured with them.

With this design, such batteries without the top post make for a lower profile when designing.


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    Larry Lueder
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    Mechanical and electrical tinkering
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    Visit my website at www.larryandjane.com there you will find many other ideas I have submitted. Designing new tools and vehicles has been my passion every since I can remember. I just hope the military one day utilizes one of my designs.
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