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For decades, budget conscious police departments have depended on the police motorcycle as effective motorized transport at low cost. However, while more economical, the police motorcycle is exposed to the weather, offers no crash protection and with only 2-wheels - is inherently unstable.

To give one hundred percent free energy means it's worth everything. As today we are faced with Climate & Environment problems plus with that we are also facing Energy problems as today we have lots of new inventions in energy but still we lack to give 100% pure energy.

Objective is to improve burning, reduce pollution and extract more power from 4 stroke IC engine which follows Carnot cycle. Following suggestions have been made.
• Currently entire Carnot cycle consisting of 4 strokes is executed in a single cylinder- may be the automobiles may have many such cylinders.

There is a growing scientific consensus that the point of ‘peak oil’ passed around 2011 and that viable global oil reserves will be severely depleted from 2030. The long term future of terrestrial surface transport is electrification but the foreseeable future must involve a cost-effective compromise,

A new class of heavily cold rolled and thermally processed (HCR-TP) sheet metals is proposed as a viable low cost alternative to producing light weight vehicles for the transportation industry. Presently,

Well-known are Atkinson and Miller cycles. These are cycles with varying compression and expansion ratios. Application of these cycles makes it possible to use working gas energy to a fuller extent.

The baby-car, which based on an obstacle crossing chassis, is designed for babies and their parents.

It can be easily and smoothly pushed cross the curb onto pavement from asphalt and vice versa.

In the whole process,

Imagine this. Next time you buy a car, you don’t have to settle for what’s on a dealer’s lot.

Instead, you design your own car. You buy a Ford body, GM chassis, Intel motor controllers, Toyota wheel/motors, Honda electric power unit, IBM car operating system,

One of the main reserves of improvement in fuel efficiency of ground vehicles is reduction of aerodynamic drag constituting (side by side with the resistance of rolling) the principal component consuming normally a bulk of vehicle’s power to overcome it.

Conventional ground vehicles (including cars, SUVs, trucks, etc.

The challenge to design the rear suspension of a rear wheel drive sports car has always been one of optimizing the position of both wheels and therefore the contact patch of the tires in order to obtain the maximum possible limit acceleration.

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