Reduce Red Light Running

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Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about red light runners and the cameras used to catch them. It seems that years ago, the discussion was about those who ran the light in the middle of the cycle. But now, the discussion is about those who are entering the intersection just as the light is changing. As our roads become more crowded, it is clear that even this situation is not acceptable. However, I find myself in the situation occasionally where I'm not sure if I should be slamming on the brakes, or continuing on. Yellow light durations are not always consistent.

A solution to help drivers prevent entering the intersection as the light changes would be a clear marking on the road. A bright yellow or red line would be painted crossing the road. It would be spaced from the intersection such that if a motorist crossed that line at the posted speed limit as the light changed to yellow, he could safely pass through the intersection. The marking would have to be clear enough so that the driver could readily see it "through the corner of his eye."
This addition would also help to reduce accidents caused by overly cautious drivers who stop too soon that are followed by overly aggressive drivers who stomp the gas to make the light.


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