Reduction of Fuel Wastage

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Reduction of Fuel Wastage (Gasoline)
Variable Idle Lean Burn Injector
Variable Thermo Charge Idle Feed Back
Moisture/Methanol Control In Gasoline &
Engine Cooling by Dashboard Blower Motor (Winter)

Idle Engine Running (Fuel Wastage)

Idle Engine Running: Particularly in Gasoline Engines, fuel wastage is more either in normal engine or VVT/V-tech. Because in this time engine works on less load /low rpm, rich fuel mixture where idle running is important instead of power. Thus, power/fuel wastage is there. The VTech/VTVT Engine retards/advances time to eliminate lapping period of valves but the qty of fuel injection is the same for all cylinders at that time. Thus we require variable fuel injection like diesel -- a new injector known as the Lean Fuel Burn Variable Fuel Injector.

Variable Thermo Charge Idle Feedback

Thermal Action/Cold Start: In morning when we turn on the ignition, try to start then engine takes a little bit of time & in winter it takes a lot of time. Then the fuel injector injects the fuel but due to low temp/moisture present combustion chamber & frictional loss, fuel wastage is there due to repeated switching of starting motor. That waste charge directly moves to the exhaust chamber. Also to heat the engine to its operating temp we need more fuel; by pressing accelerating pedal. Resulting in fuel wastage.

Engine Cooling by Dashboard Blower Motor (Winter)

We have seen a problem of low battery in winter & heat loss due to low temp. As we use blower motor to heat the passenger compartment & radiator motor run simultaneously to cool the engine. But working of both fans at the same time causes excess drawing of current. Due to increased current demand the alternator will have to provide more current to the battery.

When the temp of air will go to -2 to 10 degree Celsius & engine got heated at that time then we will have the option to switch on the Blower Motor controlled by an engine temperature sensor through relay, by switching off the main radiator fan. In this system the Blower Motor will start to run before 80 degree Celsius to maintain engine temp at a constant level .

Moisture/Methanol Control In Gasoline As of 10-12 years of experience in the Automotive we have been faced problems of misfiring mostly. Either it is V-tech or VTVT. A single drop of water present in fuel rail cause serious problem or wastage of 5-10 liter fuel at once. It deteriorate the Spark Plug very soon. To avoid such problem an activated carbon filter with water separator should be used, so that the fuel should be burned properly.

Advantages :
Reduced the fuel wastage
Early thermal action
Moisture control
Suitable for 2s & 4s stroke engine (Car&Bike)
Suitable for all engines like VTVT/normal engine


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