System That Generates Electricity from Shock Absorber Using Piezoelectric Material

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This system takes advantage of a piezoelectric transducer that produces electrical energy from mechanical stress. The vibration produced by the automobile is absorbed by the shock absorber and transferred to piezoelectric material. The experimental setup consists of spring based shock absorber, piezoelectric crystal. The piezoelectric material is placed between each coil spring or leaf spring of the shock absorber. When the automobile moves on uneven road the compression stress produced is given to the piezoelectric material. The crystal will generate measureable electricity when their static structure is deformed by 0.1% of the original dimension. The material used for this setup is (lead zirconate titante) known as PZT. PZT demonstrates this property and is extremely stable. The shock absorbers are an important part of automobile, motorcycle suspension and aircraft landing gears. The system will eliminate the necessity to carry a heavy battery. Besides the system is eco-friendly and economical.


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