Landing Gear Pre-spinner

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An aerodynamic device that spools up the main wheel landing gear on transport airplanes including airliners.

This device could be located at the hub area, something that attaches to any part of the wheel assembly. Very small, lightweight made from plastic. The idea is to spin the tire at approximately 10 mph tire speed prior to touchdown.

The results:

Smoother touchdowns - no jolting with pavement contact.

Less Tire wear

Simple and effective design.


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  • Name:
    Michael Dempsey
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    Business Owner/Manager
  • Michael's hobbies and activities:
    Motorcycles and airplanes.
  • Michael is inspired by:
    10,000 hours of flight time, landing with any water on runway or a thin layer of snow always provides smooth landings because the tire doesn't have to go from zero to 100 mph.
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