Preventing Rear End Collisions

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The use of the "Brake light" system should be expanded to protect drivers in more situations. The term "Brake Lights" is a misnomer as the true intentions of the system is "please don't run into the back of me lights." The point of the system should be to warn all closing vehicles that there is a danger in front of them. In metropolitan freeway traffic, cars often come to a complete stop while cars from behind are still at speed. When the stopped car starts to move again, his brake warning lights are "off" even though he may be only creeping at 10 mph while the car behind him is closing at 60 mph. Without warning lights, the driver closing from behind has only the subtle cue of the car in his visual field growing too quickly. That does not leave much time before he rear ends the slower car. (If he is able to switch lanes at the last moment to avoid a rear impact, the next fast moving car in line has even less time to react.) Answer: the "Brake lights" should illuminate anytime a vehicle is in gear and moving below 15 mph. This would require a switch that is closed/opened by a signal from the vehicle speed sensor.


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