MegProp System for City Railroads

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Overview :

Present day transportation is all based upon vehicles driving on the road. MegProp idea is a concept which states that rather it should be the road that should drives the vehicles. How? Let's See.

Basic Principle:

Take two magnets and a sheet of cardboard. Place one magnet M1 above the sheet and one magnet M2 below. If you will move the magnet M2 the magnet M1 will also move. You can test it by placing a toy car with ferrous base above any cardboard. Place a magnet below the cardboard surface on which toy car is standing. Now if you will move magnet along the surface of cardboard, the toy car will also move along. This is the basic principle of MegProp vehicle.
Working Description:

Briefly The MegProp vehicle will be propelled by embedded electromagnets in road and controlled by computers. The roads will be laid in a kind of array of different electromagnets. As you know electromagnets magnetic field can be switched ON/OFF on discretion. This discretion will be determined by Central Computing System(CCS). So CCS can use switchable property of electromagnets to move magnetic field around anywhere. This movable magnetic field in turn will move the vehicles around. As CCS knows exact location of vehicles plus is their power source. So CCS can manipulate Traffic in any which order. I purpose such roads should replace tracks in railroads. The proper detailed working is defined in 1 pager below.

Benefits of Megprop if applied as replacement to Metros/Railroads:

As it will be computing system that will drive all the vehicles around. The system will increase track utility efficiency by manifolds; will allow passenger to travel more comfortably then in crowded compartments; The outlets for passenger will get increased from just numbered Metro stations to infinite; Much many more people will be able travel; No passengers will need to change stations in between the trip, wait in queues for tickets and trains; The whole process of transportation will be automatic and will need much less manual interventions; Passengers can sleep or work more comfortably while traveling; BedCars concept can be applied which will allow people to reach destinations like office or home in sleep; will give option of traffic management which is unheard of until now like better management can be done in allocating dynamic lanes according to upside and downside traffic at peak hours; the vehicles will be silent; the vehicles will not pollute environment in any way. The idea also discusses about efficiency and security of this system.

For a complete clear vision of Idea please refer my paper published on this idea in IEEE ITSC Titled: "MegProp System for City Rail-Roads". And another one in SAE CONAT titled: "Alternate Transport Using Magnetics". Or you can also refer my website The idea was filed for patent on 5 April 2010. I have also uploaded a video on my idea as bonus task titled "Video on Megprop System".



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