Ethanol Diesel Blended Fuels

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This entry presents the results obtained by an ethanol-diesel fueled compression ignition single cylinder engine by varying the compression ratio.

In this work, the compression ratio is varied from 18.5:1 to 19.5:1 and the injection pressure used is 255 bar.

The variable compression ratio is obtained by varying the dimensions of the piston bowl by keeping the standard stroke volume available in the engine cylinder as constant.

The engine is fueled with various proportions of ethanol diesel blends, varying from neat diesel to E20 (80% diesel with 20% ethanol).The overall engine emission, performance and combustion is analyzed with this ethanol-diesel blend fueled engine. In each test, engine performance parameters like brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC), brake mean effective pressure (BMEP), brake thermal efficiency (BTE) and emission parameters like carbon monoxide(CO), unburned hydrocarbons (HC), Carbon dioxide(CO2), Oxygen(O2), Nitrogen oxides(NOx), exhaust smoke are measured.


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    Prakalathan Tirupathy
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