100% Free Energy

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To give one hundred percent free energy means it's worth everything. As today we are faced with Climate & Environment problems plus with that we are also facing Energy problems as today we have lots of new inventions in energy but still we lack to give 100% pure energy.

The energy today what we have is wind mill, fuel, thermal, solar etc but all of these have drawbacks meaning it’s not safe 100%

My invention 100% Free Energy can be used for automotive engine and creating electricity.

In drawing (A) Indicates CRANKSHAFT
As in drawing shape of B & C shown in rectangle in size that means normally vehicle engine block cylinder & piston are in round shape but here as (B) is the Magnet & (C) is the compressed air to give pressure on the piston and to drive the crankshaft. I design in this shape it can be other shapes also like square, round, trapezium etc...

How it will work:
As (B) is the magnet on my video you can see it mechanism as the same way in (B) the permanent magnet is cylinder and permanent magnet piston but they don't attract but it repel. If we make on electromagnet theory will be same as shown in video and the piston will move up and down.

As (C) which is compressed air the same theory what we have in present air engine theory. As its shape is rectangle that means piston ring will not fitted, but ring will be fitted on cylinder so it will know as cylinder ring.

As in a drawing B & C shown to show my theory how it will work my engine in alternate form or combined (simultaneous) way engine will work and it will also work in single cylinder magnet and compressed air means it doesn’t require to 2 cylinder one for magnet (B) and compressed air (C).

This engine can be inline engine method and rotor type as well.


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