Alternator-Powered Hybrid Car

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An alternator electricity voltage can reach up to 24 d.c. volts on trucks with maximum electric current of 60 amperes. If ten (10) units of these alternators are installed in a car, then they would provide an electric power up to 14.4 kilowatts or equivalent to at least 22 horsepower. This electric power is strong enough to power a d.c. motor to drive a car, and if coupled with a diesel or gasoline engine will make the system a good hybrid car. If more than ten (10) units of these alternators are installed in a car to power a d.c. motor, we might harness a very great amount of electricity and a hybrid car might run mostly on the power generated by the alternators!

This is my concept of a very good hybrid car and I'm also looking forward for the future application of this system on boats, ships, and propeller driven airplane.


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