Rotomoulde Tanks with Integrated Baffles

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There is a shift to better pollution control norms in the automotive sector. To address this issue in diesel vehicles & trucks, it is essential that the fuel tanks used are of non shedding type & this invention focuses on large roto moulded fuel tanks made out of plastic.

Till now, automotive fuel tanks for trucks were made of steel & to accommodate the high water hammering load , baffles were welded inside the tank to reduce this effect.

When the shift of material was to plastics, the baffles were not doable in the roto moulding process leading to failure of the fuel tanks or a tremendous amount of material was required to address the impact leading to a cost escalation making the project nonviable.

This invention is for the introduction of baffles for large fuel tanks in an integrated condition (Single Part). The baffles when introduced as in the figure will address the following:
1. A non shedding tank.
2. Regulated water hammering effect possibility.
3. Low weight of tank.
4. Safe product.
5. Cost effective.
6. Very high productivity.

Due to the flexibility in the integrated baffle design , the structure can be modified to handle high loads with minimal wall thickness leading to reduction of plastic usage but still maintaining the integrity & safety of the fuel tank.


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