Pre-Collision Warning System with Brake Support in an Automobile Using an Ultrasonic System

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The objective of this project is to develop a safety technology that will give a warning signal before a collision, which will alert the driver and automatically apply brakes if the driver does not apply the brakes.

• Pre-collision warning system is a technology that prevents accidents.
• Pre-collision warning system (PCWS) is an early warning device which warns driver’s of dangers ahead and gives enough time to avoid the collision.
• Through the use of Ultrasonic sensor the distance is measured between the vehicle and vehicle or obstacles ahead.
• It warns of two collisions namely head-on collision and rear collision.
• This system also supports automatic braking if the driver does not apply
brakes in the safe braking distance

We have therefore aimed at developing a Pre-Collision warning and brake support kit that can be installed on all vehicles with ease.

The methodology involves:

• To successively construct a Pre-Collision warning system. The system uses ultrasonic detection system for signaling the presence of any objects (person or vehicle) in the linear field of motion of the automobile. And gives a warning signal in the form of alarm and display.
• To construct a braking kit which is activated by the electronic control unit to provide the brake support which enables the quicker deceleration to help drivers to reduce speed and avoid a collision.
When the car fitted with “Pre-Collision Warning system with Brake Support ” is driven at 20km/h, the alarm bell rings given at 6m (safe distance at 20km/h) followed by the activation of automatic brake support kit.

Main advantages are: The Pre-Collision Warning system reduces the accidents that occur due to driver’s carelessness.
The Pre-Collision Warning system (PCW’s) is a compact kit that can be installed into all regular vehicles with ease.
This provides the driver with sufficient time to assess the situation and assists in initiating measures for accident prevention in the best possible way.
It automatically breaks when the sensed distance is less than the safe braking distance.
It can be switched ON/OFF at users will in the press of a switch when the driver intent to overtake or in heavy traffic.


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