Electric Vehicles Need Trained EV Mechanics

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This is a program designed to introduce Electric Vehicle Technology to Trainees in an Auto Service Shop environment. They will learn all aspects of building, servicing, and repairing electric vehicles (EV) by retrofitting an EV drive train into an existing production (used) vehicle. The trainees will work in small teams in the Shop and Training room with curriculum supporting electric vehicle theory and construction. This program will teach the advantages of using an electric drive train, including cost savings, environmental impact, and ease of use. The program includes background theory on electric vehicle systems, including definitions and terms (e.g.: amps, volts, watts, watt-hours, energy, power, aerodynamics, ac voltage terminology, electric mpg, and more). The program also includes a brief history and current status of EV technologies and career possibilities in the electric transportation industry. The vehicles produced by the program will be street legal and meet all licensing regulations. Students will use basic automotive skills and knowledge, supplemented by this Curriculum, to perform the retrofit. No academic or advanced engineering skills are necessary. The format for this program is 16 units in a bound workbook format with test questions and additional activities for each section. A video on DVD is used to demonstrate the hands-on activities taking place daily in the shop. The timeline to complete the program suggests it will take about 240 hours in eight hour daily training for 30 days or six days weekly for five weeks.

• To create a professional working atmosphere such as in an apprentice level technical training class.
• Trainees will be able to identify the major parts, and describe the operation of, the electric drive train.
• Trainees will build a working electric vehicle in the Electric Service Shop under the supervision of a highly experienced instructor.
• Trainees will complete both hands-on and theoretical coursework through lab/shop work, assignments, and testing, to reach an understanding of electric vehicle SAFE practices, operating theory, construction, vehicle operation, service, repair, and troubleshooting,
• Trainees will emerge with thorough knowledge of electric vehicles and how electric transportation can be applied within the community.
• Trainees will learn the history and current status of EVs, and the various components: motor, battery, and electronics.
• A Safe Driving EV will be produced by the Trainees as testimony of their knowledge, experience, and successful completion.

- Course will help teach trainees to gather, interpret, organize, and evaluate career information.
- Trainees will think analytically to form reasoned judgments and solve problems, some directions will contain errors which will not be hazardous but prevent operation therefore requiring troubleshooting.
- Trainees will use mathematical, mechanical, electrical, and thinking skills in determining what corrections need to be completed as a repair.


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