Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Vertical Takeoff and Landing (UAV VTOL) with Oscillating Wings

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UAVs can carry a huge range of tasks. So now more than 250 companies in the world are developing UAVs. But they have serious disadvantages:
1. Airplane type UAV:
- small value of the lift force per unit of engine power;
- difficult takeoff and landing;
- low mobility, including inability to hang on the spot;
- low profitability, small flight time;
- high cost.
2. Helicopter type UAV:
- small value of the lift force per unit of engine power;
- very low efficiency, and as a result small flight time and small range;
- high cost.
3. Aircraft type UAV:
- Large size and low mobility;
- A large aerodynamic drag and large wind resistance;
- low speed;
But these machines are being designed and manufactured, because there are no better UAVs on the

For a long time we had the great theoretical, experimental and design work on propulsors of oscillatory type. We got new great results. We are confident that we can create a UAV with propulsors of oscillatory type, which will be have a much better characteristics in comparison with all analogues.

The aerial vehicles of vertical take-off with propulsor of oscillatory type will have:
1. The smaller engine power several times to get the necessary lift force.
2. Lighter weight of engine, transmission components, fuel system, fuel.
3. The smaller dimensions of the device with the same payload.
4. Vertical take-off, lowering, turning and hovering in place;
5. Better handling at low speeds;
6. These aerial vehicle generates lift forces and thrust with the same oscillating working elements (KNOW-HOW).
7. The cost of the device will be lower.
8. Transportation of commercial cargo will be cheaper.
9. Safety of transportation and increase in controllability and maneuverability.
10. Safety (contact with the wing safe, did not require protective fencing);
11. Reduced stiffness of the requirements for the location of the power units and control systems on the vehicles.
12. Aesthetic appearance of the aerial vehicles with an oscillatory propulsor is much more attractive than the screw propulsor.

The indicative specifications of our mini unmanned aerial vehicle:
- Remote control of flight and TV-monitoring ;
- TV-Camera surveillance and positioning system of GLONASS type;
- flying weight of about 2 - 300 kgf;
- Lifting force and horizontal force are created by using the oscillating working body (the wings of special design);
- The vehicle performs a vertical lifting and lowering, hanging in place, move forward, backward, sideways (left and right);
- The possibility of intermediate landings and long-term expectations for the subsequent take-off;
- efficiency (the ratio flight weight to the engine power amounts 80 kgf / hp.)

investments in mini aerial vehicle "umbrella" with flying weight 2 kg start paying off from 18 months from the beginning of investment in R&D. Profit after 4 years will be around 1 367 million dollars.
See our presentation http://www.vortexosc.com/images/pdf/UAVumbrellaEng.pdf


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