Fabrication of Vehicle with Reverse Mode for Physically Challenged People

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The project is specifically designed and fabricated for the convenience of physically challenged people who are disabled by their legs.

As in this date there are many options for transportation available for physically challenged persons like, Motorised wheel chair, Hand powered tri-cycle, Scooters..etc

The problem associated with motorised wheel chair is that it way too costly and is not suitable for commuting. Hand powered tri-cycle requires heavy human effort.
So, disable people, now days are preferring scooters more than any other mode of transportation since it is comfortable and cost efficient.

The major problem associated with the scooters that are available in India is that they don’t have provision for reversing the scooter which is very much necessary for a disable person. In order to overcome this drawback, we’ve designed and fabricated a scooter with reverse mode.

Here, we’ve taken a 110cc Kinetic Honda Y2Kseries for the development. The two wheeler is been altered and transformed into a three wheeler.

The chassis containing the additional two wheels are carved out of steel pipes. The additional chassis has been attached with the body of scooter with two shock absorbers. An external gear box has been coupled to the output shaft of the motor. The output shaft of the motor is acting as the input shaft for the gear box and the output shaft of the gear box is connected with a differential gear which is further connected to the rear wheels with the help of yoke rods.
For changing the mode (forward/reverse) a leaver is placed on the right side of the scooter, conveniently placed for a person to engage the reverse mode. For braking purpose drum brakes have been used.



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