Rotary Internal Combustion Engine

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This design is a four rotor internal combustion engine. It rotates a single shaft which transfers the engine power to the clutch/transmission. The purpose of this engine design is to build a simple and efficient engine.

The inspiration to this design came when I learned that the Wankel rotary design will no longer be used by the automotive industry.

Please keep in mind that the model illustrated is not a finished design. The model is also opened to show the internal components such as the rotating element. The cooling and ignition systems are not shown either. The model exists to give an overview of how the engine will function. The large diameter tube entering the engine blocks is the air/fuel intake and the smaller diameter tube is the exhaust. Both intake and exhaust will open and close without any valve mechanism due to the shape of the rotating element. As the rotating element is in the intake and combustion phase the shape of the chamber is crucial for the design function.

No thermodynamic or mechanical design data is existing for this engine type and it so far exists only as a design model.

The four rotors will ignite on the same cycle as a four cylinder piston engine.

The purpose of the centered rotating element is to minimize wear in comparison to for example the Wankel engine design. The rotating elements can also act as flywheels on idle strokes. The engine should be build from conventional materials such as aluminium and a low production cost for manufacturers is another key purpose of the design.

If efficient and within emission regulations the engine will be replaceable with any internal combustion engine on the market today.


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