Green Tresor: Innovative and Ecological Solar Electric Vehicles

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In order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) or to protect Earth against the fatal effects of global warming, several solutions are recommended by researchers and the industrialists all over the world.

So as an engineer, I promote solar electric vehicles for economic and ecological means of transportation.

A solar electric vehicle is a mean of transportation which works with energy generated by one or more recyclable tri-dimensional solar electric generators of power, and one or more recyclable embarked electric storage systems, also.

The main solar electric vehicles are: solar electric train and streetcar; solar electric bus or car, and solar electric boat.

A solar electric vehicle doesn't depend on energies of fossil origin like hydrocarbon, or any power plant (nuclear, and thermal power plant ...), but more on solar energy.

The solar electric generators of power are mainly constituted by photovoltaic solar panels or cells (units); whereas the embarked systems of storage are established by storage batteries, or by super-condensers …

The solar electric generators of power are very specific because of their capacity to produce a lot of electric power, until 9 pm. They produce 20 times more energy than the current solar generators, in stable way. My colleague, Professor Souleymane Atta Diouf is the holder of a recognized patent all over the world, concerning these solar electric generators of power.

They (solar electric generators of power) are generally installed on the Solar Electric Vehicles roof, and supply with energy to electric engines during the day and also reload the embarked systems of storage. They are protected against dust, stony jets, trees' branches, or any other shock of whatever nature. They are also waterproof and self-cleaning.

The embarked storage systems are installed in a specific place of the Solar Electric Vehicles, and supply with energy to electric engines at night. Except for the solar electric generators, the embarked electric storage systems can be reloaded by solar systems or wind systems in appropriate areas (or stations), or by embarked wind systems.

Electric engines, without neodymium, propel the solar electric vehicles.

My works complete those of Professor Diouf. Indeed, I propose that Solar Electric Vehicles be equipped with photovoltaic solar windows, and be painted with a photovoltaic solar paint, in order to reload embarked electric storage systems.

I also suggest using the thermoelectricity principle to reload embarked electric storage systems, and Kinetic energy recovery system to restart the vehicles (after a stop in a station).

The vehicles will be made with light aluminum or with alloy of recyclable steel. The distance between rails, for trains and streetcars, will be upper or equal to 1,66 m. It improves the mechanical stability of train, and streetcars, ...

The solar electric vehicles will contribute to the planet preservation. Besides being ecological, they are light, economic and almost recyclable. It is a very promising project which will create many jobs,and a better world.

Long life to solar electric vehicles, so that ecological means of transportation live!


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    One day, I was around a table with young people who wish to create companies but who had not found a key idea yet. Suddenly, under an inspiration, I said that the one who will create a solar electric train will revolutionize the world of the transport. The idea was very appreciated by all.I thus led personal searches(researches). And I met professor Atta Diouf, the holder of a recognized patent all over the world, concerning solar electric generators of power. And together, we work since two years for the realization of the solar electric vehicles.
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