Hour Meter as a Standard to Change the Liquid and Part of the Car Engine

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Usually we use an odometer as a standard to change the oil, change the engine belt, change the coolant liquid etc. For example, we change engine oil every 5000km or 1000km, we change the alternator belt every 40000km etc. There is the possibility, however, that the engine is running but the car isn’t moving. We have this condition when jammed on the street and when we heat up the car in the morning.

I have an idea to use an hour meter as a standard of liquid changing and part changing in the engine. This condition can prevent the damage earlier compared with using the odometer as a standard.

To make this device we use a rotary sensor as an input and then the control calculates the input and puts the hour data into a monitor panel. As we know the rpm of the engine isn’t fixed. The rpm varies from low rpm into high rpm. The development of this product is measuring the average number of engine rotations and calculating the data. So the standard isn’t hours anymore but the number of the engine rotation and also we can combine this device with a service reminder.

I hope this device could prevent engine damage.



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