Linked Car Shock Absorbers

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Car suspensions have changed little in the last 100 years: a spring coupled with a shock absorber, to compensate for sudden level variations. A major flaw of this system is the symmetry of suspensions during a turn. Because of inertia, the car tilts on the outside and shifts its weight on the outer suspension, and lowers adherence.

My entry is a connection linking oil vessels of left and right shock absorbers. During a turn, the centrifugal force causes some oil to shift from the inner shock absorber to the outer one, effectively raising its course, and limiting the car tilt. The suspensions bring the levels back to normal after the turn, and normal events are too sudden and symmetrical to cause oil to shift.

Further possible improvements could include an inertial weigth at the center to supply more pressure under the effect of inertia, or a piston to limit the amount of oil used.


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