Internal Combustion Engine Ignition Low-rpm Transducer

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The invention relates to contactless pickups to be used in ICE ignition systems and, moreover, in switch, telemetry and control, for example, for control over charge activation.

The optimal rotational speed of the crankshaft of the modern ICE is higher than 3000 rpm. So the rotor of the traditional ignition transducer has to revolve faster than 1500 rpm which is severely harmful for this exacting mechatronic device.

Low-rpm transducer of ICE with n cylinders consists of shielding cylindrical shell rotating jointly with rotor that has n+1 or n–1 slots uniformly distributed along the shell circle to separate n sensor pairs uniformly mounted along the stator circle radially with gap: Hall pairs (Hall sensor and permanent magnet) or optical pairs (photo sensor and light emitter).

Revolving shield (magnetic or light) allows forward or reverse spark formation relative to the rotor revolution direction: forward at n+1 slots and reverse at n–1 slots.

The effect consists in ensuring:

1. multiply slower rotational speed of the rotor and, therefore,
2. multiply longer time for activation of the igniter spark discharge, as well as
3. sufficient reduction of vibration and wear of the transducer elements,
4. reduction of heating and
5. reduction of operational property instability.

As a result functionality and reliability of such a precision device as a transducer of ignition of ICE increases significantly.


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