Eolectric Car

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There is an economic crisis and lack of jobs worldwide. One solution is to introduce a new product with great sales potential. One of the major solutions is the electric car but currently it has two great disadvantages.

The real disadvantages of the electric cars vs gasoline cars are the following:

Electric cars (see fig 1)

1. +/- 100 Mille Range

2. 8 Hours to Recharge

Gasoline cars

1. +300 Mille Range

2. 10 Minutes to refuel

The design of EOLECTRIC CAR solved the disadvantages of the electric cars, with the wind that provide air resistance (fig 2) because this drag force can used to rotate a eolic turbine: type savonius (see fig 3a) , Helicoidal (see fig 3b) or it will need to design a very efficient new type of eolic turbine (see fig 3c), so the eolic turbine will have two electric generators in both sides (fig 3a,3b and 3c) in order to be continuously generating electricity and charging the batteries while the car is in motion.

Electricity production depends mainly on the speed of the car. At higher speeds the greater the production of electricity and therefore the charge of the batteries would be faster.

The best position to put the assambly eolic turbine and electric generators are in front of the car (see fig 4).

And finally we have the EOLECTRIC CAR system (see fig 5).

The EOLECTRIC CAR will convert the current disadvantages of electric car in advantages.

The EOLECTRIC CAR will give more autonomy to all electric cars, reduce time to recharge batteries, eliminate gasoline consumption, and reduce environmental pollution.

Note : See the figures 1 to 5 in attached file 1 & file 2.

In the attached file 3, you can see the positions of the anemometer where they were taken several readings of speed wind in different conditions.

The EOLECTRIC CAR could be produced in all existing auto plants around the world with some adjustments in them. Besides that they could convert the millions of existing gasoline cars in eolectric car in specialized workshops. This would be achieved with a great generation of jobs around the world, reducing the problems of jobs and economic crisis and reducing the pollution. In other words, NO more gasoline.

The production cost of EOLECTRIC CARS compared to gasoline cars would be very similar because of a big potencial market.

The potential benefits are incalculable because this design could be use for all new cars. Also it could be convert all the gasoline cars around the world to EOLECTRIC CARS in order to create many sources of employment.

This design can be applied to both new electric cars or conversions of existing gasoline cars around the world, generating many jobs around the world.

The potential market would be the conversion of one billion gasoline cars that are in circulation around the world in addition to the new production electric cars.


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