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Antonymous Robot Computer is a computer network setup to control ARC vehicles. ARC System the Air System Data Mainframe (ASDM) or ARC Network which the FAA will provide and a Quad copter style ARC Cars. Some older cars can be retrofitted for the software upgrades, so if people want to retro fit an old car it is on an experimental basis. ARC owners have to make a signature on purchase date to verify permission fly and use communication. The communication can be sent via program commands type into a touch screen device named the ARC Keypass. Every ARC vehicle comes with a Valid Keypass. Drivers have to register the car and the Keypass in order to drive. The Laws are already program into the ARC Net; so that drivers ARC Net can inform and ARC will remind you of these laws.

ARC is Antonymous Robot Computer or Controls. ARC System is comprised of a set of objectives. For simplicity here are some objectives. 1. To secure all a safe travel. 2. Human robot interaction controls ARC vehicles. 3. ARC assists driver by automate stabilizing the vehicle. 4. Guide and reroute using ARC Network. ARC Net is the Main system. The ARC Vehicle mainframe is connected to Google's Earth, GNSS, GPS, and the one of a kind software installed on each creation date. ARC Software prerecords and logs virtual flight coordinations. This is known as PRP (Prerecorded path), a source of collected data personalize by each ARC car. The network can track each vehicle. The PRP can be used by driver to set autopilot. Some ground cars will have the option to be connected to ARC network. At a later date there can be more vehicles on the ARC Net, but for now let’s focus on two types. The first of the ARC Cars is ARC Fly, a small security robot which can be used by hobbyist, home owner, fire fighters, and security guards. Second on the list is the marvelous ARC Quad, a personal flying robot. These vehicles will vary depending on how it is used. The aircraft is a modified quad copter with inverse ducted fan propellers. The wheels on these vehicles are virtually invisible. Each ARC can be switched remotely from manual to antonymous, as well as on and off. All vehicles will a have Callsign ID assigned and only those men and women with authorize access can request data aboard without diver Keycard.


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