Wave Energy Harvesting Vessel

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As people are paying more and more attention on green and renewable energy sources for the purpose of transportation and mobility, I design this concept vessel using wave energy which is collected by a set of unique "antennae."

The vessel is designed to be unmanned, small size and low speed. The shape is streamlined, with a main head cabin and two branch legs. The lower part of the main cabin and the end of two legs are designed to be hollow to make the vessel float. The thin panel connecting the two legs has two functions: compartment for the storage of antenna and adjust the vessel speed and direction during cruise. The antenna will extend out of the compartment when the vessel stops and stays collecting wave energy while get pulled back when the vessel is moving. Three propellers, one big in the middle and two small ones on the side, are located at the end of the main cabin, where all the electric devices are sitting, including electric engine, battery pack, alternator, converter, control system and so on. The connection between the wave energy collector and main cabin are through two legs.

The wave energy collection technique will be similar to the current wave energy collection machines, which is using a hydraulic piston to drive the motor to generate AC. The antenna is snake shape floating on the sea to oscillate with the wave. The wave direction detector would be needed to help the vessel to dock at a proper direction to make the antenna to gain most power from the wave.

It's knowledgeable that water has higher density than air. The potential energy stored in the sea would be dramatically more than the wind. Also given that 3/4 of the earth surface is water, wave energy or tidal energy would be one of the good future green energy resources. The vessel is for the purpose of patrolling, automatic detection or short distance deliver. With a fine design, the vessel could stay in the sea for a certain amount of time.


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