Land Transportation Comfort with Audace

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Purpose: To provide a more comfortable ergonomic charter for scheduled routes for short and medium distances.
Audace’s bold external features include new windshields, LED turn signals, and clearance lights. Bonded glass panes provide extended visibility in the windshields, head lights, and tail lights. The new LED full width back lights along with exclusive markers solve safety concerns for turn signals, and clearance lights.
Audace’s internal features introduce intricate bold patterns on the seats, side panels and parcel rack coverings. To provide easy-access comfort for passengers, the executive seats are 1030mm wider than the old standard seats. A 15 inch monitor is positioned on the ceiling over the passenger’s compartment, to provide easy viewing from any seat.
The advanced natural ventilation system allows the air conditioning system to cool the entire vehicle efficiently with separate wiring harness that allows for a better performance.
Marcoplo a Brazilian Bus Manufacturer located in Caxias do Sul, Brazil, produces over half the Bus bodies in Brazil and exports its coaches to more than 60 countries. The company manufactures a wide range of bodied coaches such as intercity and touching coaches.
Marcopolo has four plants in Brazil, along with plants in Argentina, Australia, Columbia, India, Mexico, and South Africa. There is a recent joint venture that was announced with Tata Motors to enter the Indian Market, in addition to the technology that will be transferred to China.
Maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s demanding business environment requires improvements in cost reduction. In an effort to control supply chain costs Marcopolo’s focus on land transportation ensures timely shipments.
Due to recent industry trends, the cost effectiveness of managing transportation systems have become complex. Managing transportation systems, cost effectively is as follows:
* The rise on cost for fuel, insurance, and Maintenance
* The capacity shortage in Marcopolo, lead the bus-based transportation environment in obtaining services at all costs.
* The increase in customer service pressure
* The regulatory and security changes.

Marcopolo had origins in carriage building manufacturing. The historically development of the bus was in the chassis and body builds. The Routemaster was an integral type used in the design that combined the body and chassis.
Types of vehicle construction are as follows:
* Chassis manufacturer - builds the under-frame in a body-on-frame type construction
* Body manufacturer - builds the coachwork a body-on-frame type construction
* Integral manufacturer - builds entire buses, often using no under-frame
Marcopolo makes use of MERCEDEZ 0400/0500 heavy duty engines for its automotive operation.
The chassis combines the following: a structural under-frame, engine and radiator, gearbox and transmission, wheels, axles and suspension, dashboard and steering wheel and a driver's seat.
Issues to be considered that relate to the body, chassis or integral builder is: maximum weight (laden and unladen), stability that requires a tilt pass, maximum dimensions that restrict the height, length and width, fuel consumption, emissions standards, and accessibility.


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