Extend Electric Car Range Using Wind Power

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Introducing a design concept that integrates wind turbines and the charging system of an electric car to extend its operating range.

All materials required for this function exist. Car designers have great latitude in placement of wind turbines and vehicle contour.

Providing customers with extended range for free using in-situ wind re-charging has an appeal.

This design concept integrated into a production vehicle with extended range using wind energy re-charging offers a premium return on investment.

What problem does your design idea solve?
This design provides a solution to extend the range of electric cars.

What are the potential benefits?
Reduce operating cost and extend range

How is your idea novel or an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace?
The design integrates existing components into the car’s electrical system to provide in-situ charging.

Where would this idea be applied?
This design is amenable to electric car or hybrid charging circuitry.

What is the market potential?
The market potential for this design is considerable as electric cars start to populate the roads.

How does your design work?
Essentially this design integrates wind turbine power generators to the electric cars charging system to provide in-situ charging. As the car is propelled thru the air a myriad of wind turbines are activated and provide charging current to the batteries.

How would your product be manufactured?
This design can be implemented as an aftermarket add-on kit or crafted within the body styles by car designers.

How would the production cost compare with products already in the marketplace?
The particular coupling of wind turbines with electric car charging system is not an existing product. If incorporated into the design of a car this design concept can stimulate unique branding looks and offer extended range by providing in-situ wind charging of the cars batteries.

Having wind turbine technology integrated with the charging system of an electric car provides a novel hybrid solution to extend driving range while driving. This will save money for the cars owner and reduce consumption of natural resources used to create electricity. As the popularity of electric cars grows the impact of extended range benefits all.

Wind turbines can be incorporated into a cars design in many ways; fans in the front grill, spinning hubcaps or inside a rear spoiler as diagrammed.


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