Adapted Planetary Wheel with Reduction of Harmful Impacts on the Environment

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There are 4 billion tires in the world today. Thermal energy is released mainly from the rolling resistance and is comparable with all the useful energy from power plants on the planet. Into the atmosphere tires release tons of dust and soot.

I present the design and theoretical substantiation of wheel properties.
The wheel’s characteristics maintain that its center of rotation mismatches with the center of support therefore the wheel adjusts its external forces depending on movement conditions. For a driven – pulling wheel the balance of the enclosed forces allows to minimize the demand of the external forces, while for the braking wheel it permits to use the most of the sum of these active forces to achieve their maximum.

The technical decision of setting problem consists in possibility of change of geometry of the external forces enclosed to a wheel.

At Fig. 1 the wheel design are shown. Fig 2 shows the scheme of the active forces for the planetary type wheel for a driven – pulling wheel conditions. Fig.3 shows the scheme of applied forces for a braking wheel.

The wheel contains a rim 1 with the elastic tire 2 which is mounted on a disk 3. The disk 3 is established with possibility of rotation concerning a hub 4 by means of the bearing 5 (or bearings). The hub 4 is executed in such a manner that bearings 5 and 6 are established on a hub 4 with an eccentricity.

By means of next bearing 6 a hub 4 is mounted in a support center 7 of a frame 8. For design simplification the element 7 has possibility of turn concerning a frame 8 by means of the mechanism 9. For torque transfer the disk 3 is fixing with a axle 10. The wheel moves on a support surface 11.

The design allows a wheel to perceive the basic types of loadings more softly: vertical and tangential and to carry out the cores functions inherent in a wheel: to be deformed at action of loading and to be restored after deformation, to absorb energy of arising fluctuations. There is an additional possibility to change of active forces scheme for different moving conditions by changing of geometry of application of forces.

The planetary type wheel design is convenient object for the continuous control and for regulation of power flows. The considerable economy of fuel and lower slippage are expected. As a whole, with reference to the car, the planetary type wheel design allows to expand main wheel properties that allows to save fuel and to improve traction tire properties in comparison with usual designs.


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