Reversed Light for Automobiles

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• A Road map with Two cars with Reverse Head lights installed
• Additional Reverse Head Light(9 and 10) can be fixed on all vehicles to avoid Accidents on Highway or on single roads
• If two cars are going in opposite direction with head lights on,(3,4,5,6) both drivers cannot see the road ahead due to Glare of opposite Head lights. and darkness behind the front lights, of opposite vehicle, which is created by sharp contrast of light and darkness.
• In this condition if both the drivers switches on, Additional Reverse light.(9and 10) then
• Due to this action Glare of front head lights nullifies the contrast, as the darkness behind the cars goes away, due to Reverse light so both the drivers can see road ahead even with head lights on, as there is no darkness ahead due to reverse head light on, of each vehicle.
• The glare of this reverse light falling on back side, it will not allow rear driver to overtake in a wrong way and at wrong time due to glare falling on his eyes.
• Due to this quality of removing contrast of light and darkness by Reverse head light, most of the Accidents will be eliminated. All obstacles on the front side can be seen by both the drivers due to removing of the darkness behind each driver, due to glare of Reverse lights and at the same time rear driver cannot over take unless reverse light is switched off.
• This arrangement can be made by installing light sensitive cells also, to avoid manual problems.
• A very useful invention for the safety on the narrow roads


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