Efficient and Quick Control for Diesel-Gas and Other Engines

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Our electromagnetic variable flow control valve is a very efficient, cheap to make, reliable and provides an outstanding performance including instant response and fail-safe mode which are critical for transport fuel systems supplying jet, diesel, diesel-gas and other types of engines which use fluidic fuels.

There are three main systems for variable control of fluid flow currently available to the market: a) modulated solenoid valves, b) needle spool valves and c) rotational valves with different types of actuation. Bulky design, slow response, complex electronics, parts’ wear and inconsistency of the output can be main disadvantages of some of these systems.

This invention solves existing valves’ issues by utilizing movement of a rotatable ferromagnetic occluder, which is exposed in the magnetic field created by an electromagnetic coil and an offset pair of poles. When the coil is de-energized then the spring force applied to the occluder blocks the passageway for fluid flow between the inlet and the outlet. And the higher the electric current in the coil the more deflected the occluder and consequently the more opening is available for the fluid to pass through the valve.

The valve’s output is simply controlled by varying electric current in its winding. Such type of controllers, converting universal signal input into proportional current output, are well known to the market or can be purposely designed for specific applications whether for open or closed loop systems including valve’s status feedback.

In the YouTube video we used an ordinary digital bench-top power supply and have achieved an incredible accuracy of the output and ability to reduce the flow down to 1/1000 of its maximum.

Potentially this valve could replace most of the modulated solenoid and needle valves and to some dimensional extend rotational valves.

Due to the simple design our valve has a very small number of components and some of these components can be already sub-assembled when coming from suppliers. Therefore the production process includes only a few operations and a calibration procedure bringing cost of the valve down to the fraction of existing products.

Also due to its simplicity the valve is fully customizable and can satisfy any demanding requirements for performance, weight & size, ambience and cost. Therefore please consider the YouTube video as an example only which in no way limits abilities of the valve design.

Using such valve in various transport fuel systems will increase their reliability, response, fuel economy at reduced cost.

We thank you for your time reading this information. The product has not been commercially sold yet and we look forward to cooperate with interested parties.

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