Amphibious Paddle Boat

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Amphibious Paddle Boat

This human powered amphibious paddle boat is a water-to-land vehicle that can be used on water as well as on all ground surfaces, including grass, boat slips and sandy beach fronts. Because it can effortlessly transition from land to water with nothing more than continuous pedal action, it can be a crucial support vehicle in water rescue situations. Unlike conventional boat, this boat has two parallel and eccentric wheels on both sides of the boat and two supporting small wheels on the underside of the front and rear ends of the boat to sustain the boat above ground on land. In addition, multiple paddle plates are moveably mounted between two wheels orthogonally on both sides by metal rods, as shown in the illustration. This arrangement of paddle plates should always be maintained in vertical position while they move into or out of water so that minimize the waste of pedal energy and maximize the energy for boat movement.


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