New Transportation Infrustrature

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The New Transportation Infrastructure (NTI) is a peek into the future. The NTI is a modern, clean and inexpensive transportation system consisting of multiple level runways, each level holding a single-channel railway carrying light-weight, single-rider mini-vehicles. Today, we all want to “go green.” We all want to conserve natural resources, improve public safety, and avoid additional freeway spread, while at the same time reducing traffic, travel time and expense. Most importantly, we want to grow economy, to advance our life qualities. These are not mutually exclusive goals. The NTI is a visionary concept that is based on the believe that all of these goals are attainable. We start with light-weight, low-cost mini-vehicles (MV’s) (a few examples in the figure as for conceptual reference).These MVs are simple electric-powered tricycles, with manual “leg-power” adding to or replacing the direct power source as well as adding to electrical reserves. The MVs are used not only to transport individuals from home to the NTI station, but also become an integral part of the overall NTI upon arrival at the entrance. The NTI is constructed to be integrated into existing transportation systems – no additional ground space is required. Vertical space is used. Vertical space in the medians of freeways, for example. Even local streets can be used. The NTI is built to transport the MVs through its rail system. Because the MVs are very light weight, the construction is neither overly expensive nor overwhelming in size. Multiple levels of single-channel railways are constructed, each built to move in a single direction. Like a tree, the railway can be branched out transmit to another railway, and the branches will be constructed for the ingress and egress of the MVs into the NTI at various stations. The NTI railway transportation will utilize maglev technology for its tracks and for its “carriers.” Upon arrival at the entrance, each MV will be attached to its own individual maglev carrier and leading up to the available maglev track. These maglev carriers will be designed and built as moving frames that they can be stacked up at each rail entrance in order to utilize vertical space. With its simple frame that the MV is firmly locked on, It will clock onto the railway and move along the on-ramp track in an accelerate speed to merge into the main rail track, where travel will begin with the fully-designed high speed (the speed will be designed at the limit level suitable for small vehicles and constrained by safety factors as well).Since the railway will carry such a light-weight MV, the required attractive force and magnetic levitation to move the MV carriers will be relatively small. The small scale maglev track will provide affordability, low maintenance and low operating costs. Although there will be substantial costs in constructing the NTI, it will be cost-effective over time. The NTI will also provide benefits in creating new businesses,new products and the new jobs in the areas of government, law, engineering, services, and construction.


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