Online GPS Traffic Assistant

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Nowadays, all portions of automotive industry are being developed while the road limitations are still the obstacle of this development. GPS is an adequate product to optimize the route and reduce the journey time. This concept has developed an idea to tune this optimization in which the driver will be assisted to find not only the rout but also the lane in highway all along the route. The traffic weight would be significantly reduced by utilizing this concept for all GPS.
The concept is to use a GPS center to manage all active GPS in moving vehicles. Another issue is that the driver in this system must define his destination. However, driver defines the destination in advance while using the GPS. The GPS will send the destination to the nearest receiver center in the road. The most available communication system to transfer the data is 3G system. 3G systems are being useless by developing the technology of wireless communication. Thus, this system can recycle the conventional 3G system to help driver find the fastest way in his route. A sim card must be provided in all GPS devices to prepare the data transferring. Hence, the GPS center received all the destinations of vehicles in road and gives the best route to them to optimize both the traffic weight and journey time for each vehicle. This aim can be achieve by using appropriate software. In the figure, the communication procedure has been sketched. This idea can improve the transportation technology in parallel to vehicle industry technology.


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