CBPModule Disc Brake Dust Collection System

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Each day millions of cars, motorcycles, trucks, aircraft and other forms of transportation emit brake dust and wear debris into the atmosphere from friction material as brakes are applied to slow and stop vehicles. I am commercializing a new green technology that has not been addressed previously. The Clean Brake Performance Module or CBPModule is the world’s first practical disc brake wear debris collection system which leads to improved braking performance and a cleaner global environment.

The general public is unaware that some constituents of wear debris (brake dust) are damaging to the environment, terminating in nearby bodies of water eventually affecting the diversity of ecosystems. Collecting the debris at the source in the CBPModule* does not interfere in any way with the braking process. The debris is removed from reusable filters during normal maintenance and the stable high organic content wear debris can be recycled in engineered composites. Assembly can be machined or stamped from high temp materials or molded composites depending on application.

Marketability of this product is truly enormous, covers very broad industry spectrum.

My cost analysis show comparable to high end disc brake shields.

Collection of these toxic substances will help heal our ecosystems, improve health.
• Captures the toxic substances of concern and nuisance dust that contaminates the atmosphere, our waters and our water treatment systems.
• Offers a method for the friction material manufacturers to examine the alternatives to a chemical to assure that the replacement product is not harmful to the environment.
• Offers an “off-ramp” for the brake pad manufacturers and the automotive industry in the event the industry doesn’t meet the deadlines based on the inability to develop an effective alternative to the copper content in vehicle brake pads.
• Offers local governments in several southern California urban watersheds help to meet the Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) for copper avoiding serious penalties.
• Decreases the cost of remediation of storm water by preventing initial contamination of the water.
• Reduces the need to use acidic or caustic harsh chemicals to clean and maintain vehicle wheel surfaces.

The CBPModule will collect the debris, from disc brakes prevent pollution of the environment and allow recycling of the collected debris. This new approach represents management by prevention rather than remediation. No initial competition.

This technology is applicable to vehicles from bicycles to locomotives and virtually any machinery that utilizes a disc braking system. Extremely large market covering a wide range of industries and applications.

CBPModule mounted on caliper encompasses rotor/pad, Air enters housing plenum, exits over filters removes heat from rotor/caliper collects pad and rotor debris (brake dust).
Joint venture or license with Original Equipment Manufacturers and aftermarket.
No initial competition / cost analysis compare to dust shields which do nothing for cleaning the environment.

My mission is to commercialize the world’s first practical disc brake friction material wear debris collection system, the CBPModule*, a competitively priced, lightweight module, providing improved braking performance and a cleaner global environment.


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