F1 Modifications Needed

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The project is all about modifications to be done in an f1 car.

1.Innovative points of view:

-Using shock absorbers in inverted position which can be used as automatic jack & this will reduce the time taken for tire change during the race because this study will reduce the time of traveling for the hydraulic jacks they are using.

-Use of a magnetic hub which will reduce the efforts used for loosing and tightening the nuts as well as time will be reduced for tire change.

-Using a shaft in magnetic hubs will be an awesome hybrid concept by which we can produce electricity which results in low vehicle weight because we do not requires alternator anymore to charge the batteries.


-Constructing a jack type shock absorber is quite easy. just mount flat plates on both the ends & giving in and out supply using a button.

-Magnetic rings available in market can be used as magnetic hub and iron based wheel can fit in it. For a safe condition a lock can be mounted as illustrated in diagram.

-By simply putting a shaft & attaching two wire on the assembly will work as an alternator.

-The product will put the market on fire which will result in great success and applicable not only in f1 but in daily usage vehicles too.

4.Cost effectiveness:
-It is pretty cost effective because by putting just 4 shock absorbers and magnetic hub- Your vehicle turns to hybrid as well as alternator is removed and you are free from car jacks.

This idea can boom in market well and modifications can be done to make it better.


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