Smart Speed Display

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Smart Speed limit Display (SSD.Display safety speed limit information to passing drivers. SSD has build in sensors which working on the specific preprogrammed traffic algorithms to calculate the safe speed by detecting number of cars, road driving condition, cars speed, car breaks lights and time of day. The front sensor will calculate information of the incoming traffic. The sensors on the back calculate information outgoing traffic. Smart Speed Display use the collected information and display the safety speed in two or more modes. If the road condition is good and the incoming and outgoing traffic move smoothly the speed sign display safety speed in GREEN color. If the driving condition, traffic congestion increase and speed incoming traffic is higher as outgoing the SSD will display safety reduced speed in red color or if the sensor detect slow movement and high congestion – display in red and blinking mode. Each Smart Speed Display can communicate with previous or past to get and pass information about traffic condition to each other. Thus calculated safety speed is continues monitored on long stretch of the freeway or road. Most of the drivers are not paying attention to posted speed signs or they cannot see them when is raining, snowing or fog. Existing painted speed signs do not reflect the real live traffic situation on the road especially when the congestion on the roads is higher or lower. Sometimes the congestion on the road is low and the posted speed limit sign showing 55 mph which slow the traffic without the reason. Those posted signs are set for the worst traffic situation if congestions on freeway are highest so the drivers must reduce speed as posted speed limit. The new SSD will display allowable safety speed calculated on the current road and traffic condition. The SSD can be also programmed trough USB port or by inserting memory card to allow change to the program and enter new information about the required speed limit, time duration of the construction and other condition which can be displayed for the drivers. The program will automatically turn them back to previous setting after programmed time will end. Installing them in the areas where traffic condition change drastically from hour to hour will improve safety on the road be highly beneficial for drivers.
1. Improve signs visibility (color coded speed display numbers :
GREEN – increase permissible speed, RED /blinking – reduce speed – higher traffic. )
2. Communicate current traffic information(speed) to drivers on flow before they reach congestion or accident
3. Allow better traffic flow when lower congestion occurred
4. Improve safety (flashing if over speed limit)
5. Allow to program Smart Speed Display sign from central traffic control ( by radio)or by inserting USB memory card (temporary changes entered by traffic control patrol)
6. Build in sensing device can detect animal/person on the freeway/road and display warning
7. Possible to allow detect not moving objects (broken cars, accidents etc) and send signal to traffic room contro


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