Elimination of Jack-knifing of Tractor-trailers

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A tractor-trailer coupling mechanism for a powered tow vehicle and unpowered trailer vehicle which eliminates jack-knifing. The coupling includes at least one extension or more between the tractor and the trailer which slides into a receptor channel in the powered vehicle, with a locking arrangement at the front of the tractor. There are alternate attachments, so that the tractor and the trailer are fixedly connected to each other as a single chassis vehicle, making the tractor and the trailer operate as one unit.

This unique patented invention will replace today's loose hitch or fifth wheel conventional arrangement. By totally eliminating jack-knifing it will save lives as well as injuries. No tractor-trailer training would be required. The recreational driver would find backing up much easier. The side view mirrors would be more useful in backing up.

Present manufacturing facilities that exist for tractor-trailers would need no modification, therefore the cost of production would be the same The cost of insurance premiums would be less because we are dealing with a moving single cassis rather than a loosely hitched tractor and trailer. The cost of tractor-trailer training and licensing would be eliminated.

There is no competition for this innovative concept, therefore it will be very marketable. Furthermore, the marketability of the recreational driver is greatly enhanced because of the task of backing up which is made much easier.


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