Collapso Transform - "The Backpack Bicycle" - (Bicycle Which Can Collapse in a 4-Step Fold Into a Backpack)

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Bicycles have capitalized an important place in the transportation industry since its inception. They are the cheapest, light weight and the most eco-friendly mode of transport till date using only manpower for the transit. But still the “Portability” and “Carry-Anywhere” characteristics of the bicycles has not been catered to the fullest extent. Cyclists still relies upon an SUV or a truck to carry their Bicycles for a trekking trip.

A bicycle which is so portable enough to be carried in your backpack would be a boon for all who dream of portable personnel transportation. “COLLAPSO-TRANSFORM “ checks all the down points of a conventional Bicycle and acts a backpack Bicycle, by collapsing in a 4-step fold, and becomes portable enough to be carried in your backpacks anywhere. It is also super lightweight, as it eliminates the use of unwanted sophistication in a bicycle and caters to the point of “super lightweight, backpack Bicycle”. Its boxy lines, adds to the easiness in collapsibility, and its rigidity.

Problems Solved by the Design Idea:
Acts as a “Super Lightweight Backpack Bicycle” and caters to the “Portability” and “Carry-Anywhere” characteristics of the bicycles by collapsing and fitting into any backpack.

Potential Benefits:
Encourages the use of bicycles as an easy & eco-friendly, “Portable personnel Transportation”, as an alternative to fueled vehicles, thus contributing to the environment.

“COLLAPSO-TRANSFORM” differs from all the bicycles in the market, as it becomes a reliable, carry-anywhere, super lightweight, backpack Bicycle, which easily collapses in a 4-step fold into the Backpack, thus posing its distinction from all the bicycles available in the market by overcoming the limitations of the products in the market.

Market potential:
As the awareness towards an eco-friendly alternative vehicle is increasing and the uses of Bicycles are gaining its importance, the market for such a “Super Lightweight, Collapsible, Backpack Bicycle” looks bright and promises very high market potential.

Step 1: Fold the Handle Bars.
Step 2: Pull down the Seat Post by adjusting the Seat Clamp.
Step 3: Pull down the down tube frame.
Step 4: Fold down the stem and fork arrangement by withdrawing clamp.

Production Cost:
The targeted and completely achievable maximum production cost of a Bicycle is Rs.1200/- INR and $19.94 USD for the base model. This cost is achieved by eliminating the unwanted sophistication and add-ons in the product, and using recyclable plastics and polymers in the place of conventional steels, for reduction in weight and cost of the product.

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