Extendable Vehicle

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The concept of the "extendable vehicle" is based on the needs of families. Currently if families have children involved in sports and other activities they typically need a mini-van type of vehicle. But there are lots of times when such a large vehicle is not needed and a 2 seater would be better (less fuel cost, pollution, etc.). The concept here is to start with a low cost base 2 seat vehicle like a "Smart Car". Along with the base vehicle the consumer can then purchase additional extensions. These extension could add more seats or more storage or both. Now these are not just back-end bolt-ons. Instead they actually "dock" together which is accomplished just be backing up to the extension. These extensions also have wheels/brakes and additional propulsion equipment as the 2 seat vehicle will be under powered once the extension is added. The vehicle will be a hybrid using both liquid fuel and electrical propulsion. For better handling, the extensions are physically locked to the 2 seat vehicle and the rear wheels of the two seat vehicle will lift off the ground with enough clearance to ensure the tires don't scrub the road during turns. This will also make the vehicle stiffer and safer. For additional safety the docking will be a semi-automatic operation with safe guards to ensure the vehicle can't move if not properly docked.


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