Heated Wiper Blades

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Durable, affordable, easy to install. Greatly reduces or eliminates icy buildup on the wiper assembly, improving operator visibility.

In cold weather while the car is in operation, the Temperature Sensor will turn the blades on automatically. Each Ice-E-Liminator draws approximately 1-1.5 amps of current. Very low draw on your battery.

The Ice-E-Liminators will stay above freezing, at -40° the blades will be approximately 50°, at 32° they will be approximately 130°. This means the blades and squeegee will be pliable and ice will not build up in winter. All components meet automotive specs.

The Hybrid Ice-E-Liminator is automatic. Just wire to the battery positive and negative posts, not to the car's electrical platform.

Self-Regulating - The colder it gets, the more amperage they will draw. It can't get too cold in North America

Heats approximately twice as fast as our regular heated blades

Comes on automatically at 40° if vehicle is running
Self-diagnostic LED light

Electronically Fused - no fuse replacement

All wiring connectors and blades meet the automotive standard of -40°


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