Car Parking Booked System

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Car Parking Booked System is a new way to book a parking area through your smartphone or by website. You have to register to make an ID before you make a reservation to get your parking spot. Just show your reservation ID to a parking officer and they will give you a ticket to enter the area. By Making A Reservation you already got free 1 hour parking and the spot to park. Which is you have to do payment online to do the reservation.

The main idea of this system is to provide a parking spot which is connected to the internet that you can access by your mobile device or by website. So you do not have to find your own spot to park which is hard to find on weekends. Just do some registration and if the spot is still available, you can book your own spot.


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    Terry Purnama
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    The Situation In Jakarta which is hardly to find parking spot.
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