Energy Saving Conversion Kits for Old Car

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Did you ever think that buying a new so called “green” vehicle even with lower carbon monoxide emissions would eventually contribute to global warming?

In the automotive industries, we can simply find a lot of car manufacturers releasing new car models each year. We cannot deny that each release of a new series of auto actually has impressive improvements in terms of safety, fuel consumption, environment impact, etc. However, please bear in mind that a lot of energy is used in the process to manufacture a brand new car. On the other hand, large numbers of old cars are abandoned and disposed or recycled each year with the consumption of energy in the process.

Although we cannot blame solely autos as the only contributor to global warming, what if there is an energy saving system that can integrate with an old car to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and at the same time can save energy to dispose or recycle the old car.

As far as concern during traffic jam in urban drive, engine is running in idle just to provide user comfort such as air conditioning, radio, Bluetooth and etc on board. The fuel consumption of the engine during this period is wasted as it is not consumed to move the auto ahead.

Energy Saving Conversion (ESC) Kits is designed to be fitted in various kinds of old cars to interrupt smartly the starting and ignition system for better energy consumption during urban drive. The conversion kit will be installed easily on board by cutting the existing wire from the ignition switch and joint it to the ESC Kits accordingly. Only with this approach where less modification required and low manufacturing cost for the ESC Kits, energy saving for old cars able to be achieved.

During urban drive or when the car stops, the ESC Kits utilize the GPS technology to assist the driver shut off and start up the engine smartly. When the ESC received signal from satellite that the vehicles ahead in 1km is not moving, the ESC system will function to cut the current supply to the ignition coil. This will stop the spark generated at the spark plug and shut off the engine. At this moment, current will still supply from battery to on board accessories through ESC Kits. The ESC kits will measure the voltage across the battery to avoid battery draining out during the traffic jam. ESC Kits will start the car again to charge the battery when low voltage measured.

On the other hand, when the GPS gives signal that the traffic condition in 1km ahead is recovered, it will supply current to the starter solenoid for a very short period of time (ex:-200ms), so that the starter solenoid will trigger a higher current to starter to start the engine. At the same time, it also will supply current to the ignition coil to allow ignition occurred in the engine.


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