RE-PLY Electric Scooter

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RE-PLY electric scooter is designed as a last-mile transport solution. It's a suitable companion in the city environment due to its weight, dimensions and auxiliary electric drive.

This is a completely different philosophy, compared to the existing solutions. Instead of using a heavy powertrain, there is a light LiPo battery placed inside the neck of the scooter. The assisted cruising range is 9-12 km, less then competitive scooters, but the footboard height is then 8cm, enough for a comfortable non-electric ride without compromises. The brushless 1kw hub motor is fitted in the rear wheel, but there is an option of accomodating off-the-shelf RC motor in the modified rear fender.

The overall shapes are determined by looking for a compromise between performance, portability, comfort, economy and style.

Estimated specifications:
weight: 7-9 kg
range: 9-12 km
Motor: 1kw brushless hub
battery: LiPo 22,2V 4Ah
material: Al alloy, ply
production cost: 400-550$

A prototype was performed as a proof for manufacturability.


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