Smart Car for Women

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The statement is to express my ideas in design, safety and marketability which would increase the popularity of vehicles (cars) among the Indian women either by designing new model cars or by modifying the existing models or through marketing strategy which would also expand the car market of Automotive Industries. To increase the popularity of car among the women, the modern techniques has to be installed even in lower end cars, and also the cost should be minimized.

The cars has to be designed such that it should impress women which would produce a spark in them to buy the car which would in turn encourage them to drive it. Also the color of the vehicle should be attractive. The design and color of the car has to satisfy the taste of today’s women.

For example:
The design of MARUTI SWIFT is the Mims of a frog i.e., the design of the Swift is similar to a structure of a frog. The headlight design of the TATA VISTA is nothing but the Mims of a Cat’s Eyes which would many people with it’s attractiveness. The color and graphics design of the car should be chosen which is attractive and satisfies women’s taste. Also cars have to be designed in HATCH BACK models and instead of SEDAN and SPORTIVE models. *Small concept car design is attached.

As women in India are new to the field of driving now-a-days, they lack in safety during driving. To add safety to cars, special SENSORS need to be installed in cars which are capable of sensing the obstacles and alerting the driver by producing an alarm when the car nears an obstacle. While reversing a vehicle, even men are not possible of reversing their car without hitting with the obstacles behind the car. Hence sensors are to be designed such that it should alert the driver regarding the obstacle behind and it should also be capable of displaying the rear of the vehicle to the driver. For that a display screen have to be designed in the dash-board of a car for the ease of reversing of the car, which is one of the difficult task in driving.

As Indian women are not cautious, sensors have to be implemented in cars to sense the exact locking of doors and it should alert the driver with an alarm signal if any of the doors are not properly closed as like a sensor implemented in TVS SCOOTY for sensing the position of the side stand of the vehicle.

Women feel that driving is a tough task, because driving requires the changing of gears which is the only task which they consider to be the difficult one. Hence cars must be designed with AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. However, automatic transmission has been implemented only in higher end cars.The concept of automatic transmission have to be implemented even in lower end cars, which would improve the driving among women.


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    Vasanthakumar Jaganathan
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    Engineering drawing,
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    Playing football.
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    some young girls and friends asked to make special cute car models manufacture for women's. so i plan to increasing interest among women's to buy a car in future.
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