Bike Dock

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Bicycle racks are, in general, poorly designed and function in a sloppy and unaesthetic manner. They are time-consuming, annoying, and frustrating to use, and can damage the bicycle. As bicycle use grows for environmentally-sound transport, recreation, and exercise, a better bicycle securing and locking device is needed.

The “Bike Dock” is a simple, rugged, convenient, and secure bicycle holding and locking device. Unlike ordinary bike racks, it’s easy, fast, and satisfying to use, and can be more secure.
It captures the front wheel, supporting the bicycle. When locked, it prevents removal of the front wheel from the device and protects the front wheel from being removed from the bicycle frame. The presence of the bicycle wheel also prevents access to the mounting hardware of the mount itself. It is mounted by its base, and/or to a wall.

It’s constructed simply, ruggedly, and cost-effectively of welded, powder-coated steel, with a concealed stainless steel pawl, hinge and spring assembly; suitable for home and institutional use.

To dock the bicycle, the front wheel is rolled straight in between the side plates. The hinged pawl (or lock arm) is pushed open by the tire and snaps back through the spokes. The wheel is now held firmly, with the hub inaccessible between the side plates. The front wheel, fork and entire frame is held securely.

A lock through the large pawl end eye, prevents the pawl arm from being opened. Many types of locks can be used: padlock, U-lock, even a cable lock, or in a built-in lock version (combination, key, even RFID types).

To remove the bicycle, the pawl arm is unlocked (if locked), and the bike is removed depending on the Bike Dock style:

1. Manual Release:
The outer end of the pawl is pulled by hand, releasing the wheel, and the bicycle is pulled out.
2. “Push-Pull”:
The pawl is spring-loaded to remain in a centered position, but can be pulled outward directly by the wheel (when not locked) without manually releasing the pawl.
3. Built-in Lock:
The fixed lock, of any type, eliminates fumbling with a separate lock. It can be set to lock upon docking – convenient for private use at home or work.

Features and Advantages:
This simple (but not too simple) approach is unique relative to what is available in the market and novel relative to the prior art. One size works for all bicycles (road, mountain, motorized) with 26 and 27” wheels, and smaller.

Quick, convenient securing (“docking”)
Cost-competitive with old styles
Front wheel snaps in and is held in one motion, securing frame
Use almost any kind of lock or built–in lock
Secure mounting - no falling over, slipping out, or scratching frame
Vandal-resistant shapes with no sharp corners or large moving parts
Floor and/or wall mount versions
Heavy steel construction, one stainless steel moving part
Attractive, readily customizable shapes to match architecture, personal or institutional logos
Combined mount for multiple units
Fabricated using medium skills, modest capital investment


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